Friday, April 07, 2006

So that's what feet are for

We love to stand. Hanging onto the back of the couch. Holding onto the fence out the front. In our highchair. In fact just about anywhere. Our love of standing is so great that we now hate being put on our bellies for 'tummy time' by our mums. It's just too bad that we can't crawl yet and have no clue about balance. But hey! Why crawl when you could WALK!!!!

Our little Romily has decided that she's not interested in learning to crawl. She now does everything in her power to get us to pick her up and let her stand up. She takes steps when we hold her hands and laughs and laughs. So how do we now convince her that in order to learn balance, how to sit up by herself and eventually how to pull herself up on furniture, she needs to learn to crawl first? Her intent is far outstripping her abilities at the moment!

Here are some photos of our Romily hanging onto the front fence. She really is very cute when she's so focused!


Heather B said...

Again - what beautiful photos!

I guess it probably helps your subject is so cute!

You should consider that as a part time job or something :)

Finn said...

You know Lily, just when I think she couldn't possibly be ANY cuter than she is...a new picture, and she's even more adorable. Love the picture on the far right..she is a beauty for sure.

And so intent on what she's doing..oh my!

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