Monday, April 10, 2006

It's Monday again

How did this happen? It's Monday again. Already. Never mind - it's a short week this week with Easter upon us.

We had a wonderful weekend. Well I did at any rate. My darling husband took Romily out of the house both mornings. This meant that on Saturday I managed to vaccuum and mop upstairs. Our floorboards had been looking decidedly dull (read: dirty). And with Romy scooting around (backwards and in circles only), it's not optimum. I felt so great after I'd finished. It felt like a real accomplishment! I was, of course, very tired afterwards (all that physical exertion), but it was worth it.

We went out to our friends' place on Saturday night. Mike was named a Member in the Order of Australia in this year's Australia Day honours and was invested on Friday. It was a celebration of his achievement and the award, but also a farewell, as he has been posted to the United States for one year to go to 'Generals school'. He and his family are leaving in about a month. It was a lovely evening - he was roasted royally by his brothers and sisters - made more so by the fact that Romily went to sleep when she was supposed to!

On Sunday, Romy disappeared with my other half, allowing me to go back to bed after her breakfast and have a ... drum roll ... sleep in! It was wonderful. It was luxurious. It was heaven. Boy did I need that! In the afternoon I just about finished the overalls I am making for Romily. I have only to sew on the buttons and stitch around the applique and it's done! I'll post some photos of Romily modeling it when finished.

In the afternoon we went on a picnic by Lake Burley Griffin. It was a gorgeous autumn day and we made the most of it. We caught up with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time and met their youngest for the first time. They have a lovely couple of boys.

Then to top off our wonderful weekend we had a lovely tandoori lamb roast. Yum! I do love my weekends, but this one was particularly great!

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