Friday, April 07, 2006

Paw prints

Well a possum update is due. After much prompting the possum control people finally came to inspect the roof and try to find the access point being used by our resident brushtail possum. Only to tell us that they couldn't work out where it was getting in! Fabulous. I suggested strongly that it was the bathroom fan vent, so he put a one-way (exit) cage over the vent and told us to monitor any possum noises over the next couple of days. The idea being that once the possum goes out, it can't get back in.

That very night, as I was heading off to bed, I heard scritching and scratching around above the bathroom ceiling. I went to bed and half an hour later was woken by a crashing noise. Five minutes later my husband came in to tell me that the possum had fallen through the vent again and was now ensconced in the bathroom. 15 minutes later my husband shepherded our dumb, fat possum out the front door for the second time in two weeks. He then spent the next 15 minutes cleaning up the wee and paw prints our possum had so kindly left behind.

To our delight last night, there were no possum noises. So we'll be waiting with baited breath tonight to see if it's found its way back in again or whether we've cracked the problem! If we have, the possum guy will put a permanent screen around the vent to prevent the possum from making its home in our roof again. I'll keep you posted!!


Judy said...

Here's hoping that the possum problems is licked for good! My niece, who I babysat from 6 months to age 10, did the same thing as Romy. She got so angry on her tummy...legs and arms jerking furiously trying to move and yet nothing would happen. Countless times we would get her knees under her just to see her belly flop again onto her tummy. Such frustration...and then they finally get it and it's all worth it! It will come soon.

Finn said...

Oh I do hope that is the end of it for this nasty possum. An unwelcome house guest for sure!!!