Sunday, February 11, 2007

New toy!

We're back from our lovely but short weekend away in Sydney - we had a fantastic two-story apartment that overlooked Darling Harbour and the cityscape. I'll post some photos during the week - I haven't had a chance to download them yet.

But I have downloaded some photos from my new toy ... er camera ... and you'll never guess the subject matter!

Romily of course!

Did I mention how much I love my new camera? It's fab!


joyce said...

What a cutie! What kind of camera do you have? We are contemplating a new one.

Simonetta said...

Uaaauuu!!!! Romily is a marvelous baby!!! Its eyes are brisk and happy!!!Great Lily ;-))))

Clare said...

Gorgeous photos - she is beginning to look more like you.

Laura said...

the pictures area all so cute. My favorite picture of my daughter is one in which she is wearing a little white sailor hat. The one of Romily in the hat made me think of that. And I see she has her own little bengal cat!