Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dropped off the face of the earth

Well not quite - I can't believe it's nearly two weeks since I posted. Have been planning to show off some photos from my new camera, but have only just got around to loading the software. And I still have to download all the photos to our other computer because we still don't have a new one and this one's USB ports are busted. So I have to transfer everything via CD. A very big pain the bum!

Very busy indeed at work and at home - I've had hardly any time to myself, although I have started yoga again. It's been 18 months (yes, just before Rom was born), and I really need it. I just love yoga (I just do hatha) and have missed it a lot. It's good to be back into it again - although I've realisd just how weak I've become!

I have done absolutely no stitching or anything crafty for two weeks. What a shocker. I've just been so tired and struggling to keep my eyes open after putting Romily down for the night. Too tired by half.

Romily is going really well - she speaks about 40 words consistently at the moment, understands just about everything we ask her, answers yes or no to all our questions and has finally started saying 'ta'. She had her last jab the other day until she's four - the chicken pox vaccine has just come onto our 'free' inoculation list. I say 'free' because you still have to pay for the doctor's appointment! She is so gorgeous at the moment - 18 months is the most gorgeous age!

We're off to Sydney for the weekend after I finish work tomorrow afternoon - we haven't been there since before Romily was born. (Well I had a day trip with Rom when she was five months old, but Carl didn't come). I am looking forward to just getting out of Canberra for the weekend and just mooching about with no firm commitments, no timetables, just random, leisurely wandering!

Bashka - 13 weeks (photos from the breeder)

And to top it all off, our Bengal kitten Bashka arrives in Canberra on Monday afternoon - I can't wait - I am so excited about having a pet - it's been 10 years. I think I may even be more excited that Romily will be when she realises the 'mau' is a permanent fixture/captive target!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with everyone's blogs - I have hardly been online at all.

Hopefully I'll have some stitching to report next week! Until then, take care my little chickadees!


joyce said...

It's hard when life gets in the way of blogging! I used to do a lot of Yoga but have slipped lately. I must get back into it too. Enjoy your weekend in Sydney. Wish we were there too. It's so cold here.

Clare said...

Don't worry about the sewing. You did enough for the red and white blocks! Have a great weekend.


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

What a beautiful cat - too exciting!

Patti said...

An active 18 month old little girl can wear anyone out - even her mother. How well I remember. It seemed like I collapsed into bed every night. I did get plenty of exercise - chasing her! Luckily I managed to pinch pennies enough so I could stay home with her - but I was still tired.

anne bebbington said...

My brother's brother in law and wife have three of those bengals - until he showed me the photos I'd never heard of them but they sure are the most beautiful kitties