Monday, March 02, 2009

Hot tamale - Four Seasons quilt received!

Thanks must go to Floribunda, who made me a lovely, warm, red, red, red table topper as part of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap #5. I received her parcel late last week and wasn't going to open it until I'd finished mine...a gal needs a reward you know...but Margaret, our fabulous swap mama, convinced me I should open it straight away!

Thanks Floribunda, it's very lovely.

And check out the gorgeous fabric she used for the backing! I fuzzed up the label so surnames, etc. weren't blasted out there into cyberspace.

Mine is making progress. I have finished piecing the top, but need to get some floss in the right colour and do some embroidery before I can sandwich and quilt it. We're heading away this weekend and after that uni is calling, so I'm aiming to have it all finished and posted by Friday.


Cathy said...

Lucky you - what gorgeous colours - I do love that backing fabric.

Tracy said...

oooh I'm in this swap too :) I sent mine all the way to a far off land ;)