Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bushfire stars

Phew. Have nearly finished my FSQS#5 quilt - just tying in the 1000s of ends (so it seems) from the quilting. I needed a break from all that tying in (lesson learned: Don't use Gutterman SULKY if many ends are to be tied in. It frays - BADLY!), so I got out my scrapbag and some white on white fabric and made up five 12.5" maverick stars for the Bushfire Quilt Project. I would have liked to have made more, but I'm just so short of time these days. Studying is definitely eating into my sewing time!
I also bought some utility thread and some variegated Gutterman sulky thread to go with them. Spotlight was having a sale, so that was incentive enough for me!I also bought some cheap quilting cotton on sale while I was there, as well as some queen-size batting (Warm & Natural cotton). Glad I got that on sale, boy was it exxy!Now to get that table runner finished and on its way to the US. That'll clear my way to finally get started on a very special (and much delayed) project for my dear friend Kate in Hobart.


Emma said...

Great stars! What is that rainbow stripe on the left? I have to find myself some of that!!!

nicolette said...

Love your starblocks!

Good luck with the study!!

Joyce said...

The stars turned out beautifully. I love those striped fabrics and the purple between them is just fantastic! Actually, they'd all fit perfectly into my stash! Lol. You have good taste.

Emma said...

Too funny, without realising I picked up that plummy Japanese-style floral with the sunrise stripe, too!