Friday, March 06, 2009

FSQS5 sneak peek

I've been beavering away on the table runner/topper I'm making for the Four Seasons swap. My swap recipient asked for a winter theme and selected blue or green as her preference for colour. I chose blue because I love it. My recipient prefers traditional style quilting in quite muted colours, whereas I prefer fresh and modern in bright colours, so, I designed something that I think we will both like! Here's a sneak peek.
Anyway, it has quite a bit of embroidery (definitely not my strong suit, I've decided seeing my efforts!), which I finally finished last night, after unpicking several letters several times. It's not perfect, but hopefully the slight wonkiness will add to the quilt's charms! The top measures about 15" x 25", so I'm on track for it to be just the right size. That was a real effort, as my table runners are usually quite a bit longer than that!

I was hoping to get it quilted and posted by today, but that didn't happen. Next week it will have to be. We're heading away up the coast for the long weekend and I just know that no sewing will get done there. So now I'm aiming for next Friday to have it all wrapped up.

And here's a pic of my blue-eyed boy. Just because :)


devliegendekoe said...

Gorgeous blue eyed boy!!

Love the gleams of your Winter-Swap. Embroidery is so much fun to do. It looks very sweet!

Joyce said...

Love the cup and saucer. T. just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Mirjam said...

he looks more and more like Rom!

Helen said...

Slight wonkiness will add to the quilt's charm Lily. Can't wait to see the finished item in its entirity!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

anxiously awaiting the rest! embroidery looks nice.