Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's delish

Friday was Carl's birthday and yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary. *Awwwww*

To celebrate, we had a bunch of Carl's oldest friends and some of their kids around for a BBQ. Of course it was cold, so we had it inside - Carl and the hardier males of the group hunkered out on the balcony and cooked the food trying to make it look like they weren't actually cold at all!

Being Valentine's Day and all, I decided to make a pink pavlova in the shape of a heart! It was hiliarious, but also delicious, as it was eaten super fast! The strawberries were delicious - and such beautiful strawbs were difficult to come by at the moment so they tasted even better.
I made a chocolate sponge cake for the birthday cake - it was filled with whipped cream and topped with coffee icing.And Romily helped me make a lemon cheesecake too.Everyone sang happy birthday to Carl and Rom helped blow out the candles.

Rom was lucky enough to score some more 'loot' (dress-up jewellery) from our friends whose girls are now 'too old' for such fun (of course I reckon you're never too old for dress-ups!). Here she is looking bushwhacked after everyone left around 9pm.
And here's a shot of Tristan earlier in the day. Could he get any cuter?We had a lovely time, although I suffered through yesterday with a corker of a headache. It finally disappeared overnight.

Now I just have to finish the washing up and I am clear to get the sewing machine out and start quilting Daniel and Luca's quilts.


And if you fancy going in for a giveaway or two this week, head over to Kylie's blog!


nicolette said...

Happy 5th Anniversary Lily!!! Such a lovely picture of the married couple and so romantic to get married on Valentine’s Day!!

Yummy cakes and kids too!!

Roseanne said...

Happy 5th Anniversary. Hope that it was a good day for all

Sandy said...

Lovely pictures, Lily. Love that black and white at the top. Happy Anniversary! OHHH those cakes look wonderful!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

What a cook you are - lovely!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous photo of you both on the bench.

Your cooking creations look amazing - what a busy time in your household.
Are they from your new book?

Love the photo of Tristan~!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Congratulations to you both! DH and I celebrated 21 years of married "bliss" last month ..... I got the medal this year - LOL.

Tristan is just so cute - omg, look at him standing up there and lemon cheesecake ..... yummy. You've been busy - I need some of your energy please!