Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog book 2 easy!

Things are a bit subdued around here. The dreadful fires in Victoria (nearly 200 people are confirmed dead) have really affected me and I haven't been my usual cheery self. I just feel so sad for the poor people left behind. There are a couple of crafty things happening around the net that will allow me to contribute in a small way, in addition to our cash donation to the Red Cross.

In addition to feeling a bit down, Tristan has been having terrible nights, waking 3-5 times, usually requiring a feed to settle him back to sleep. He then wakes at 6am. Thankfully Carl gets up with him so I can get another hour or two of sleep. I am stuffed. I look forward to the day when he actually sleeps through!

I haven't been able to do much sewing, although I have finished the hand quilting on Luca's quilt. Needs a bit of machine quilting before it's ready to be bound.

I've also been otherwise occupied with getting this place cleaned and tidied in readiness for a big BBQ we're having at our place on Saturday. I've started baking the desserts this evening and will make up the salads on Saturday morning. We've asked our friends to bring meat and drinks - it's a recession barbie after all!

Hopefully I'll be able to get the machine out again on Sunday. Those two baby quilts need to be finished!

In the meantime, I followed Chookyblue's lead and made a book of my blog! Where Donna made a real book, I opted for the e-book version, as the real book would have cost USD$160 + postage - I have obviously written a great deal over the past three years! I don't have that kind of cash kicking around! Rather spend it on fabric :) Blog2Print did a great job of grabbing my entire blog and emailing me a link to the (18meg) PDF - all for the princely sum of USD$2.99 and no postage :) Having always been worried about what would happen to my blog if Blogger or Google went *poof* I can now rest easy. Thanks for the tip Donna!


Duyvken said...

What a great idea, Lily.

And I understand how you feel about the fires, it is very upsetting. Watching part of the telethon tonight made it clear that the whole country feels the same way. The amount of money that has been raised is phenomenal and will, hopefully, mean that the people who have lost homes and the communities that need to be rebuilt will be able to move ahead quickly without financial concerns.

Now, if the press could just strike a better balance between keeping us informed and intruding on the people who have lost so much I would be much happier. They really make me cringe sometimes!

I hope Tristan sleeps for you again soon.


Joyce said...

The fires are horrific indeed. We get forest fires here in Canada but mostly in the north where few people live. So many lives lost is unheard of.
I want to make a book too but I've been blogging for a long time and am worried about the cost. Maybe i should go with your solution. I didn't know you could do a PDF.

Emma said...

What a great idea. A book is tempting, but probably rather indulgent - and as you say, the cost is equivalent to considerable stash! I must PDF mine at that price though!

nicolette said...

Thanks for the link to Blog2Print!

I hope Tristan soon sleeps like a little prince!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the links, Lily. I will look into that.

Clare said...

Gather from the news this morning that they've got the arsonist!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks for the link - that is much more affordable!

Gabrielle said...

It is really hard to stop thinking about the fires and all the tragic stories, especially the families and children - it has made me hug mine tighter lately.
I'm still getting up at least 3 times a night with Owen too. Generally I feel okay by the time it gets to morning, but I think it does affect my energy levels and patience - can't wait for that first sleep through the night.

Shasta said...

What a great idea about the book! I've been thinking of getting mine printed too, but at the price, I kept holding off. It looks like I could afford a pdf!