Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hoppy Easter

Well the Easter Bunny has been and gone for another year, thoroughly spoiling Romily along the way. She had her first Easter egg hunt at Granddad's place and had the best time. She was so excited she couldn't actually speak upon finding eggs, but just madly gesticulate and shout 'eee'!

She got lots of little eggs (which haven't all yet been eaten), a medium sized egg and two 'giant, 'normous eggs' from the big bunny. She devoured one largish egg and we've saved the others for later. You should have seen the sugar rush! She went ballistic. I made her drink a glass of milk along with eating the medium egg. She was like a little drunkard towards the end! She's now mad-keen for more chocolate, so we are rationing it sensibly...she doesn't get much 'junk', so we don't want to change that...a little treat along the way works for all of us!Dressed as a turtle (her own creation) at Granddad's house...what a dag!

We had a lovely time in Bendigo, the city (in central Victoria) is a gorgeous old mining town and has a huge family-f0cused Bendigo Easter Festival every year, which is capped off by a parade through the city streets, complete with a Chinese dragon, a huge nod to Bendigo's important Chinese heritage.There were lots of activities in parks located around town and Romily had a wonderful time playing in the huge and very well set-up adventure playgrounds, as well as walking among the trees and having her face painted for the very first (and subsequently second) time - all for free!Here she is as a bunny - she just LOVED it!

The next day, she was 'Lucky' the dog. She cried when I washed the face paint off in her bath that night - 'I don't want to turn back into Romily' over and over again. I kid you not. Her fantasy world is in full flight these days!

We did put her on a couple of paid rides - the first one was an insistent, ambitious attempt at her first inflatable obstacle course, but she came a cropper when a couple of bigger boys landed on her head while she was still trying to get into the ride. It all ended in tears, so the nice lady pulled Romily out and gave her her ticket back. She then chose a much more age-appropriate ride on some cars that drive around a carousel! She didn't want to get off that one, so there were more tears! She cheered up eventually at the playground, where she mastered a small slide and got all her self-confidence back :)Of course what's a family holiday without a little drama? My father-in-law's partner, the one for whom I made my short and stout teapot and who is waiting for an operation to remove very painful gall stones, managed to slip on some tiles at her son's house, land heavily, and fracture her upper left arm! The poor woman - she can't take a trick right now. Fortunately the break should mend within eight weeks and it has only pushed her surgery back by two weeks.

My parents joined us in Bendigo for the Easter Monday parade and had a lovely time catching up with my FIL. Do the two granddads look besotted?All too soon it was time to drive the nine hours home to Canberra - a day spent driving through much-needed soaking rain - it didn't stop until we go to Canberra. I saw water running in creek beds for the first time - I've lived here for six years. Cows in the paddocks looking confused and cockatoos and galahs hanging upside down from power lines having a wash in the rain! No one in this parched country would complain about having such welcome rain - it was a nice way to end the weekend.


On the job front, not such good news. I was successful in being selected as the preferred candidate for the temporary promotion I had so wanted to get. Unfortunately, the head of my organisation personally put a stop to it as I'm 'needed' in my current job until he retires in seven weeks time. He wants me to help him compile all the material he's accumulated over the past 44 years in our organisation and 'trusts' me to do it right. I cannot tell you how angry I am at being held back in my career at such a critical juncture. If I had been allowed to do the job for three months I would have had a very good shot at landing it permanently before I went on maternity leave - no I have no chance at all, and by the time I go back to work in September 2009 all my hard work will be forgotten, he will have moved on, as will many other key people and I will have to re-establish myself all over again. His selfish move has put my career back by two years and I am personally very disappointed at his lack of leadership and support for someone who has worked so hard and loyally over the past 12 months.


I will no doubt get over it when I hold my BABY BOY in my arms in mid-August! Yes, you read right, we are having a boy, according to the sonographer who did our morphology scan yesterday. A bit of a shock, really, as I thought we were having another girl. I had really wanted a little sister for Romily, but it's not to be. She's destined to be the only granddaughter on both sides. Ah well, she'll be spoilt by the grandparents and have lots of protective cousins and a brother. The scan showed a healthy little bubba in there, so that's very good news. It's quite amazing to think our family will be complete in another 20 or so weeks :)


Belinda said...

Congrats on getting a BLUE one.

What a shame about your job, although I am sure once you are back to work you will reestablish yourself well.

Kylie said...

Congratulations on a little boy!

I thought the same thing as you - I would have really loved a little sister for Amelia (guess cause I never had a sister)

Duyvken said...

Huge congrats Lily! You'll be thoroughly smitten with your son before you know it and all thoughts of having 2 girls will fly right out the window. I love that photo of Romily with her two grandfathers, what a special pic for her to look back on when she's older.

Heids said...

How rotten about the job...that sort of stuff makes me so mad.

I LOVED Romily's reaction to the face painting - what a wonderful imagination.

And of course, congrats on number two being healthy and a boy - I loved being a big Sis to a little brother and I am sure Romily will too.

Helen said...

Lily! Firstly, congrats on a boy. Awwwwww! I'm excitied for you, though I'd be scared with a boy baby! Secondly, grrrrr to your boss too. How fustrating for you. Thirdly, how sweet is that photo of Romily inbetween her grandad's! Its a lovely shot.

anne bebbington said...

What a selfish ass your boss sounds - boo to him - never mind sometimes these things happen for a reason although we certainly can't see for the life of us what it is at the time - things will work out one way or another - as for a little boy - whooppeeeee! One of each flavour is always nice!

Clare said...

Grrrrrr to unsympathetic, selfish bosses. Been there done that. There is nothing you can do so just relax about it. After all, you're going to be out of there soon.

Oh wow is Romy growing up fast or what!

One of each has got to be the best. If it was a little sister just think of the two of them in 10 year's time!

Chookyblue...... said...

Easter looks fun.........
Well I think it is great your boss thinks that you are the only one that can do the sorting out job properly......... do you think you can have you little boy on the 15th as that is my birthday so a good

Toucan said...

hi Lily! Wow, huge congrats on your little boy! you wait, boys are soooo snuggly and gorgeous, looove their mummas. So happy for you. Love the pics, love Romy's little bunny face. Glad you all had a nice easter. Thanks for stopping by my blog now and then, always nice to see you there. Will have to keep checking in on you. Take care! and belly rubs to the little boy :)

sam and the gang.

Sandy said...

Oh Lily, I'm so happy for you and Karl! ;o) Boys are great! Romily will love her little brother especially since there won't be too much competition now. He'll get his and she'll get hers. I have a sister and we never got (or get presently) along. As parents you always think, same sex children will play together and be the best of friends, but it just doesn't work out that way most times. Romily will be her little brother's protector now and when they get older, he'll be hers. So sweet! Hugs to you all.

Tracey said...

Congratulations on a little boy. I must admit I am the same as you, when we TTC2 next year I am hoping for a little sister for Kaitlyn, even have a few names sad. But I have heard boys are easier than girls and I am sure he will be so spoilt!

Romily looks like she had a fantastic time at Easter. Got to love the sugar high though.

Valerie said...

Just wanted to say Congrats and I really enjoyed your blog. I will be back to visit.

Corrie said...

ahhhh a boy! have you found you have no blue fabric in your stash! I'm struggling but see it as a great excuse to do some shopping! I also worry about dressing them cutely since I'm so used to girly stuff

I got my snap press at! great fast service and I'm loving it because there are so many uses and it makes such light work of finishing things!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

The job thing is a real pain, but a baby soothes all wounds...well after a couple of recuperative weeks that is!
My daughter it the only granddaughter of 6 boy cousins/brother on my husbands side and she would not have it any other way!grandma spoils her rotten! Tracey

Laura said...

Congratulations on a baby boy! My 2 boys have been such a special blessing to my life.