Saturday, March 29, 2008

Disappearing 9-Patch all finished

Well it's finished! I got quite a bit done in Bendigo, so that I only had to bind the Disappearing 9-Patch quilt when we got home. I accomplished that on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, putting the last stitch in place at midnight!

I took it work yesterday for 'show and tell' with a couple of quilting colleagues and will mail it off tomorrow to baby Patrick. I am very happy with how quickly this quilt came together. It will certainly be my 'in case of emergencies' pattern from now on!
Here's my little quilting buddy Romily helping me out with the photos! Note the foot on the corner of the quilt too - she was 'helping'! Again I used a soft flannel for the backing - I think it works really well for baby quilts. So soft and snuggly :)The finished quilt measures 41" x 33", which is around the size I like for a cot quilt, so I'm pretty happy that it all came together so well.

Next on the cards is my Spring quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap - I've done the design - I'm attempting perspective for the first time, so wish me luck! I'll also do some free motion quilting, so wish me luck for that one too!

I am also making a couple of blocks for Clare to use in the quilts she makes for children with leukaemia. I'll blog them when they're done - I'm doing them alongside the other projects for a bit of a brain break! I love using red and white, so it satisfies that part of my creativity too.


We had a great day today. I spent the morning sorting our Romily's room - taking down the blackout/thermal lined curtains, as she's sleeping without any problems these days and it's so nice to have some natural light back in her room, as well as rearranging the furniture away from the window, sorting out her books, which always seem to end up spread throughout the house and dusting and vacuuming.

After I'd tidied up downstairs we all headed off to the zoo for the afternoon. Some baby monkeys were on display, which of course, was very cute, and it's a really safe environment for Rom to just dag around in :) It was a gorgeous autumn day in Canberra and it was nice to be outside. Wandering about is really all I can handle these days - I suspect I'm starting to waddle just a little!


anne bebbington said...

This is a really sweet cot quilt - it's great to have a no-brain pattern that looks so good as a good standby when a quick quilt is called for - it looks especially effective in all those blues

Little Munchkins said...

Oh I really, really love the quilt. Love the fabric choice too, simple yet turns out gorgeous.

Manuela said...

This is a very nice blog.
Manuela from Germany

Louise said...

It looks beautiful, d9p's are so quick but they are a great design, every time you do one the pattern looks different :)

de vliegende koe said...

I love the blue cot quilt! The helping foot of Romily is so cute. Mama}s little (big) helper! Take care waddling!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Cot quilt looks great, I am a big advocate for flannel on the bag, adds to the cuddleability.
I love sorting out the kids rooms as well...for the hour they then stay like that!!
Looking forward to seeing your spring ideas, Tracey

Tina said...

Hi Lily,
Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote you, I have been really sick for the past 4 months but I am finally on my feet again and feeling so much better. The cancer is still with me but there are no new tumors to speak of which is a blessing. Congrats on you new little boy who will be here in August I am so happy for you guys. Here is my email address please write me ,
Looking forward to hearing from you....Love Tina

Slender Octopus said...