Monday, July 09, 2007

Sure is quiet around here

No crafty pictures to share, so one of my gorgeous Romy bear will have to do!

Well I am a recalcitrant poster of late. One post a week doesn't seem like much, but I just don't get the chance to do it more often than that. That combined with the fact that I work 40+ hours a week and have a very-nearly-two-year-old to entertain when I'm home!

I delivered the little kitty to Molly on Saturday, after Romily finally agreed to let go of her! I had to keep telling her that it was Molly's kitty and that hers was safely at home.

I have put the other two bears aside for the moment, as they're not due for delivery until September, when it's the twins' birthday. After making a big fabric purchase online at (thanks Tracey for the inspiration!) for a single bed quilt I want to make for Romily, and after drawing up a design for the Christmas projects I'm going to start soon, I decided to make a start on a cute coat I am making for Romily. She probably won't be able to wear it until next year (it might be a bit big, as it's a size 3-4), but it is going to be fabulous. It has a matching hat too. I can't wait to finish it and have her try it on. I'll be sure to post a pic, as the fabric is just the best :) The pattern has been relatively straightforward so far, but I'm up to the collar and facing, which looks a little tricky!

I am sick again. Oh my goodness. And no, Tracey, I am not 'up the duff'! It's a headcold and I had to come home early from work today with a fever, shakes and dizziness. Now I have a very sore throat and have been sneezing off and on. Fab. Ah well, let's hope it's a quick one.


Pieces From Me said...

Oh Lily, I will pray for you! Sounds like the flu. Just get lots of rest. Make sure we get to see the coat when it is finished. I want to learn to create clothing. A friend says she will teach me. Feel better soon! Bren

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Well, there goes my award for "Women's intuitionist of the Year"! Darn! Mind you, I have never got a baby's sex wrong if it "speaks" to me when i see a mother from around 7 months along...and been playing that game since my teens!
I think you are achieving a huge amount, we wont mind the lack of sewing, Tracey

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

ps isn't equilter fun!