Sunday, July 29, 2007

A little bit of Tour de France in Australia

Very exciting news that Aussie rider Cadel Evans (above) is heading for a podium finish in the Tour de France! It's the first time an Australian will finish in the top three - as long as he doesn't fall off his bike on the final stage! I'd watch every minute of the race if I could, but, alas, it's on in the middle of the night Australian time. I have been staying up a bit late this past week to watch an hour or so, enjoying the marvellous scenery and being astounded that those whippets of men can ride their bikes high up into the Alps and the Pyrenees - having spent several weeks in the region back in 2004 I know what those roads are like - they are even occasionally tricky to drive up!!

I also loved watching the scenery flash past when they were riding through the Perigord and Dordogne areas, knowing that that is where Dordogne Clare lives. What a beautiful place in the world - now I know why she's living there!

In other news, my copy of the latest Ottobre magazine arrived. I think it may well be the best magazine in the universe! Only shame is that there is as yet, to my knowledge, no Australian importer of the fabrics they use. And the price of postage from the EU to Australia is prohibitively expensive. We have very little choice in quality printed knit fabric here, which is a real shame, as I would love to make all of Romily's clothes for her (if I actually had the time, that is!). If anyone knows of an Australian supplier, do let me know. I've found in the US, but it seems a bit silly to be buying European fabric from the US and then having it shipped here.

To answer a couple of comments on my last post:
- I have not yet made the bag from the pattern I bought - the picture is the one that comes with the pattern! My photography is not that good...yet!
- The bag doesn't have a zip, but it does have a tab/button closure on the inside.

The weekend is scooting by very quickly - we had a lovely day here yesterday - sun shining, sky blue - still not far off freezing, but nice enough to head outdoors. We went for a family bike ride around the lake and it was lovely (although a cold cross-wind is not so nice). I always feel so good after a bit of leg-stretch and lung-pump! But it's Sunday afternoon already and I've done no stitching. Hoping to get some done after lunch - Romily is finally asleep, after battling her nap for more than an hour. Many hugs later she's finally conked out. Thank goodness!


anne bebbington said...

I remember it so well - trying to persuade them they do actually need to go to sleep while all the while they fight it like a tiger - seems strange to read of your cold weather when we're valiantly trying to drum up just a little sunshine :o)

Bren said...

Sometimes the weekends need to just be for relaxing (and biking!)

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I'm on leave from work, so I stayed up most nights and watched Le Tour. I love it. I looked out for Clare on the roadside, but didn't see her, surprise surprise!