Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fruit 4 leukaemia

While not up to the unbelievably high standard of needleturn applique produced by fellow bloggers Anne and Judy, I am fairly happy with this effort. (Not so happy with how the photos turned out, but hopefully that can be fixed soon - see below!)

Here are my four blocks for Clare's project (see previous post for links):

Fruit salad!





Not so happy with the banana - it's out of scale with the others, but I guess it doesn't matter really!


We're having a lovely long weekend - catching up with lots of friends and their kids, which is keeping Romily entertained as well as us. I had a very busy week at work, but actually got everything done that I needed to. No more, no less! But it meant that I came to the long weekend in the right frame of mind and I'm even managing to relax a little bit.

Oh and I bought myself a new camera yesterday! A Canon 400D. Can't wait till it arrives. I haven't really used my old film SLR for a long time, as it's now so damned inconvenient! We have a little Nikon point and shoot, but it's no good for inside photos or for rapid fire shots, which you kinda need with an energetic 18 month old on the loose!

Romy is asleep downstairs and I'm hoping she'll have a good sleep, as we're off to a BBQ late this afternoon and I don't want her to tire out too early. We'll employ our two-car strategy again tonight - we go in separate cars so that one of us can leave early and take Romily home if she needs to go to bed. She's not quite old enough to keep up late without paying a huge price the next day! She usually lasts till about 9pm, but that's quite late enough! And I'll probably be ready to come home by then anyway. I may even get started (finally) on baby Campbell's quilt. I have about 80 flying geese to cut and sew!!! Had better get stuck in and stop procrastinating!

No excuses now that I've finished the red and white blocks - my fingers are starting to get itchy for some more sewing!


anne bebbington said...

I LOVE your leukaemia blocks - Clare will be thrilled with them - lovely pattern idea - might have to store that away for future inspiration. Your applique looks fine to me and with practice will only improve if you're not totally happy with it - be careful it's bug that gets you into its grip very easily - before you know it you'll be hooked

joyce said...

I really like your red and white blocks. Well done. Have a great long weekend.

Clare said...

They are gorgeous! Hurry up and post them so I can use them in the next quilt.

Thanks for your help and support.


Judy said...

I agree with applique looks great and the best way to get better is to keep stitching along! Good work! Love the designs!

Duyvken said...

great blocks, Lily. Applique seriously scares me, LOL. Kudos to you!

Simonetta said...

Beautiful your blocks,Lily!Also I am now preparing them that I have a few of calm LOL :))))

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I love your blocks Lily. Great for a little girl's quilt.