Saturday, January 13, 2007

Budding artist

I give you ma petite Picasso!

Actually she prefers taking the crayons in and out of the container to actually using them to draw. Unless it's on the floor when Mummy is not looking. Then she seems to enjoy it very much! So far the walls are safe :)


I am still sick. It's on-again, off-again and driving me a little bonkers. I went to see the doctor on Friday and he said it's either some bacteria eking out a living in my intestines after an initial bout of food poisoning (apparently the bacteria can get into your blood stream and stick around for a while), or giardia. Gross. He prescribed a 4-tablet dose of a pretty strong antibiotic, which I took last night. I was still feeling nauseated today, so I was also doped up on Stemetil. I'd better have some yoghurt tomorrow to put some of the good bacteria back in my system I suppose.

I was feeling a little down last night before I went to bed. I should have been happy. Sleepless in Seattle was on the telly and I watched the end of it. I don't much like either Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks usually, but I do like them in that movie. I should have felt uplifted at the end, but I felt strangely sad. So I thought I'd pop in and watch my sleeping angel. Unfortunately just the moment I stepped into her room she was moving around in a semi-sleep mode and she spotted me and immediately stood up and said "up"! So I had to pick her up for a cuddle. She took about 10 minutes to go back to sleep. I felt much better after that. How did she know Mummy needed a midnight cuddle?


Tina said...

Hi Lily, yeap it is cold and icy here, we have another blast of ice on it's way and tomorrow we will have snow, I love winter but I wish Gary didn't have to drive in this stuff. Romily, looks like she is having a grand time, I still love to color. Gary and I loved the new James Bond, I'd go see it again..
Luv and Hugs,

Dianne said...

Hi, Lily,
So sorry to hear you're still not feeling up to snuff...that can be so wearing, especially when you have a little cherub like Romily to keep up with!

Hope you'll soon be back at full speed...Hugs!

anne bebbington said...

Sounds like the friendly gut bacteria is out of kilter on both sides of the world - hope you feel better soon - nothing like an unconditional cuddle from a little one for making you feel better :o)

Sandra said...

I'm sorry you still feel unwell. Children have that knack of knowing just what we need at the right time :-) Nothing beats a cuddle from a little one, or even a big one for that matter.

Clare said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Children have an uncanny knack of knowing when Mum needs some TLC. Oh and invset in some washable felt tips LOL!

Duyvken said...

gorgeous! Love those cheeks!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

My 2.5 year old is the same way - she begs to color but doesn't make anything appear on the paper - she rather sort the crayons. ;) ~Bonnie