Thursday, November 05, 2009

Under the needle

This is what's under my needle. The comfort quilt I'm making for my aunt. It's called Funky Chicks, after the cute tossed chicks fabric and also my aunt being a totally guessed it, chick. I'm doing a medium all-over meander for the first time and am pretty happy with how it's going. I don't know whether it's the denser quilting or my new choice of batting (Matilda's own wool/cotton blend, on Emma's recommendation), but there's no shifting or bunching happening. Woot!
(Click on the photo for a bigger image)

What's under yours?


Bec Clarke said...

That looks lovely, the fabric is so cute.

nicolette said...

Wonderful Lily!! A wool/cotton blend batting, must check that one!

Under my machine is the binding being stitched on a batik quilt. Hope to be back on the blog soon to show some stuff I’m working on!

Emma said...

Nice work, Lily! Love the fabrics, too.

Duyvken said...

That fabric looks gorgeous.
Under my needle is a stroller quilt that I am stitching the binding onto. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

Joyce said...

I have never seen wool/cotton batting but I just loved the 100% wool batting I tried last year. Too bad it costs twice as much as polyester. I love the fabric on your quilt. Soooo cute.