Saturday, November 21, 2009

Next please!

I've made a start on the next comfort quilt - this one I think I'm going to call Authentic Twist. I've made half of the quarter blocks I'll need for the size I'm after. The others are ready to go - these blocks assemble fast when you're using pre-cut strips. (I personally LOVE quilt designs that look really complicated but in reality are easy and quick to piece - with the little time I have available for crafting, these designs are a godsend!)

I'll piece the rest tonight and hopefully finish the top. I'm planning on two borders - one dark and skinny, the other lighter and wider - it just depends how big the top looks once all the blocks are pieced and joined. This quilt is for a man, so it might need to be a smidgin bigger than the previous one I made.And you can see you've got to be fast around here when you want to take photos during daylight hours - Tristan thinks it's hilarious to stomp all over whatever it is I'm photographing. Then his big sister joined in on the act (after she had carried him off twice already!)


Emma said...

Very nice! Have you noticed the fabric matches your blog? When it's done, I think you need to use it to create a background for your blog heading!

AJ said...

Oh good idea Emma!!

I like your fabrics much better than the ones in the tut! And they will be perfect for a bloke!

Austy's Mum said...

You are on a roll Lily!!

I was about to write what AJ wrote - your colour coordination is way better than the tute! Looks fabbo. And I agree - that last picture on your previous post is the spitting image of Rom. Definitely the expression that does it!!

Joyce said...

Nice pattern, great color choice. I may have to give that pattern a go. As you said, looks complex but easy to sew is the way to go.

Kylie said...

Another who is thinking of giving this a go - could be perfect for a jelly roll I have. Can you point me in the directions of the tute on it??