Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ballet girl

I had to take the kids to Spotlight the other day, complete with baby in pram, which I usually dread, but to my delight, Romily was exceedingly well behaved! So when I spied some purple tulle and purple organza I decided on a whim to make her a 'dancing skirt'. I asked her to choose a colour (there was every colour of the rainbow and I hoped she wouldn't choose the bubblegum pink) and happily she also thought the purple was great.I just folded the tulle back on itself and sewed a seam and then did the same with the organza. I attached elastic to the top of the tulle, cut it open at the bottom and repeated with the organza over the top. Romily tried it on and it fit perfectly. She did say that the tulle was digging into her a bit (now I know why the tulle on tutus is attached to some muslin!), so I decided to add a purple ribbon to the top. I'd had the ribbon sitting in my stash since she was a baby, so it was lovely to finally use it. Unfortunately all that stretching and sewing into the elastic made it lose its elasticity! The skirt no longer fit. Damn, damn. Fortunately, by adding the ribbon I had created an accidental casing, so I ended up unpicking a short stretch of it and inserting more elastic. The skirt now fits and looks very cute.Romily insisted on wearing it to playschool today, although I did pack another skirt for her to change into when it was craft time. Here she is dancing for me/the camera just before we headed off this morning. Check out 'dancing face' in the last photo!She's starting dance classes next term and has asked me to make her some more skirts. Well, if you insist :)


Tristan is quite a lot better this week, although he's managed to pick himself up another cold. Sleep is also now for the weak, with him deciding he should just party in his cot or pull up on to his knees and cry and cry until I come and get him. Unfortunately if I just leave him, he doesn't cry it out and go to sleep, he just cries some more. It's a bit heart-breaking and also very annoying! Why don't babies understand that sleep is actually good for them?


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a cute ballet skirt - I loved doing that type of sewing when Sarah was a preschooler. We had a whole box full of them in different colours, lengths, and sizes - perfect for little girls dressups!

Little Munchkins said...

Romi looks very cute in the skirt. Great idea using the purple ribbon to save the skirt.

Natalie said...

I love the skirt, Romily looks so happy with it too! My little miss also can't re-settle herself at night, she needs a quick cuddle (or 2,3, 4 etc!) to get back to sleep.

nicolette said...

Romily is such a cutie! I love her serious ballet face in the last picture!

Good luck with the sleeping issues! I always wonder why babies don’t come into the world with teir own manual...LOL!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great skirt!..and doesn't she love it!
Oh, poor you, baby accidents, tonsillitis, and a headache for your exam..all starts to feel too hard some days, doesn't it!!
oh, and i am givewaying again...if you are in the mood! Tracey