Monday, September 15, 2008

It is tough being a baby

Especially when you get your first cold/cough at less than four weeks of age. Poor Tristan. He has come down with the lurgy that we're all suffering with. I have been crook as a dog, and, being a breastfeeding mother, unable to take anything other than paracetamol. My throat's been up for nearly a week now, and I am keeping Butter Menthols in short supply across Canberra. We finally remembered yesterday that we had a jar of Vicks Vaporub in Romily's cupboard, so all of us (except Tristan) got that smeared across our chests and throats last night - it really helped! I am feeling marginally better this afternoon, so let's hope we're all going to improve...and soon.

So, life is tough for Tristan - he has a terrible cough and has been sleeping only in my arms for a good part of the day - he's been very hard to settle between sleeps and I've had to swaddle him for day sleeps as well as night sleeps. He's still feeding quite well, so I'm not too worried about him. He's too young for any medicine - the best I can do for him is keep feeding him whenever he looks like he might take a feed. Thankfully the projectile 'possets' have decreased in number - although I did cop a huge blert right down my top this arvo!

Unfortunately our illness coincided with my father-in-law's visit this past weekend. He was very happy to finally meet his much-longed-for grandson, but we were not exactly scintillating company!
Romily of course loved having him come to visit. She loves all of her grandparents :)
Very little in the way of crafting going on here. I did manage to start cutting up some of this Amy Butler Midwestern Modern fabric for the throw.This Moda Porcelain fabric is destined for throw #2. Hopefully I'll get a bit more done in the next few days. The deadline for throw #1 is Monday, so I have a week!
And last, but definitely not least, look what the postman delivered this week! Helen made this gorgeous miniature wall hanging for Tristan - it is a beautiful as it looks. The stippling is TINY! Helen it's wonderful and Tristan loves looking at it on the wall above his change table while I'm getting down to the business end of things! Thank you very much!


Joyce said...

Sorry to hear you have all been ill. I hope you feel better soon.

Clare said...

Tristan looks so tiny in his grandfather's arms!

Poor you - hope you are feeling better soon. I love the smell of Vicks!

Emma said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon! What a beautiful gift from Helen!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh dear .... so sorry that you are all sick! Take care of yourselves and lots of hugs for you all.

nicolette said...

Wonderful picture of three generations! Sorry to hear Tristan is not feeling well. I hope you will all be on the mend soon!

Helen said...

Glad Tristan likes his bee Lily. :) Something to smile at from the change table.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Lily, you have to put the vicks on the soles of their feet....and yours! Don't ask me why or how but it can defeat a night-time cough within 30 minutes. Something reflexologyish but we wished we knew it when the kids were younger-the last few cough bugs have been virtually night cough free! Tracey

Kylie said...

Hope that you are all feeling better soon. Do you have a humidifier? We have found it useful during winter with Baden and the Wagga lurgies!

Take Care and rest up - and dont forget to drink lots of water mumma!