Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally something quilty

She crafts! I have made some good progress on the lap quilt I'm making for Romily's playgroup leader - Rom's last session is on Monday and then next term she'll go up to playschool, where we'll drop her off and pick her up - it will be her first time away from us (other than when my mum and a couple of friends have kindly babysat), so it's a pretty big deal!
Marina has been really great with Romily, and she likes pink, so I think she'll like this lap quilt when it's finished. I like how the fabrics are working so far. I still have to sew the blocks together, put two borders on it, as well as sandwich, quilt and bind it, so I don't think it'll be ready for Monday. We'll give it to Marina on the first day of the next term - Rom can pay her a visit - her new class is in the adjacent room :)

The gorgeous pressies for Tristan keep arriving. This one is from ChookyBlue - it's a size 00, so a bit big for Tristan to model for you now, but will be a perfect sleep suit for cool summer nights. Thanks very much Donna :)

And today I bought a couple of new bits of clothing for Romily, who is growing like a weed. She has suddenly grown out of all her pyjamas - the summer ones from last year are all way too small. I discovered In the Night Garden PJs in Target today, so got one set from the girls' section and one from the boys'. I hate it how the clothing is so stereotyped in these shops - I usually buy Rom's PJs from the boys' section, as the girls' ones are just so prissy! She loves her Iggle Piggle pyjamas, as you can see!


Emma said...

Lovely quilt! I bought James some Iggle Piggle pjyamas last week, too. Did Rom's come with the red square of fabric? James loves his 'Piggle Piggle rug' almost more than the pjs! We alos bought some Thomas the Tank Engine pjs for James.

Clare said...

I used to get all Alex's PJ's from the boys section too!

Great quilt.

Doodlebug Gail said...

What cute little jammies. I'd never heard about Iggle Piggle before you mentioned it ..... saw some small stuffed toys from the program and now know what you're talking about.

Chookyblue...... said...

hey pleased you like the little outfit and thought of cooler nights during boy came home from hospital in 00'

nicolette said...

Lovely quilt-to-be Lily and such a wonderful gift from Donna!

Romily looks so sweet in her Iggle Piggle PJ’s!

Size OO??? We work with cm sizes, so when the baby is 58 cm the clothes need to be size 58- 62.