Friday, August 31, 2007

Spring is sprung!

The cherry blossoms are out, as are the daffodils and the chill has gone from the air. Spring is here for another year, hooray, hooray, hooray.

Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?

So excited, in fact, that I turned this one pink!

Lots of stitching going on, but, alas it's more jeans, which are not the most exciting project to showcase! The pattern is excellent and much easier to follow than the last one I used. I should finish the first pair tonight and will finish the second pair over the weekend. Pictures to follow.

I heard from my sister-in-law that the jeans I made for my nephew Zach are a good length, but too big around the waist (and this was despite me making them more narrow than the pattern said!), so I'll be putting in a new waistband (elasticised) when we head down to Melbourne in a week's time. He is a skinny little rake that kid!

Work was much better this week. We had so many projects on the go in August and they're now all wrapped up - we got lots of accolades from senior people, which makes me feel that all the hard work paid off. It's so nice to be appreciated when you put in so much effort!

Looking forward to a lovely, relaxed weekend. It's father's day here on Sunday, so Carl will be treated to an extra-special day. My dad's turn next weekend!


Bren said...

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms! It is still strange for me to read about spring peeking out some where when fall is starting to show hints here.

fallen~from~grace said...

They are gorgeous cherry blossoms. You've reminded me to go out and photograph the flowers on our sugar plum tree.
I love the start of spring!