Thursday, April 19, 2007

A two-headed puss?

No, not really. A photo my mum took of Bashka last time she was up here.

New computer arrives on Monday. Old Mac is busted, so we had the techs retrieve all our old data and once it's loaded on to the new computer we'll toss it. And this laptop we're working off will become Romily's computer in a bid to keep her away from the new one. We're almost certain that she is the common denominating factor between the two computers breaking within a short space of each other! She just loves pushing the buttons and 'typing'.


Lynn Dykstra said...

When our oldest son was about a year old, we asked a friend who worked at HP to find a fried keyboard for Paul to play on. Our friend though it was a cute idea, wondering why we didn't let Paul just play on the real computer---until he saw what the fried one looked like in about 6 weeks.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, you are no reply thru' the email with your comments so I will reply here. Wonder woman may brighten up the kids but just makes me want to eat less choc. and get back to my pilates!! Note: wreck yiour old comp with the hammer-biggest id fraud way is thru' sourcing info. off old hard drives. tracey

Tonya R said...

Hi Lily, sorry about the computer woes. I got my Elvis fabric at a local store, but has loads and loads of Elvis fabric inc the one I have. Good luck with teh freehand fans - I know you can do it.