Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Okay so it wasn't that bad

Thank you all again for your support. I went to work today and it wasn't as bad as I expected! I was very much missed by my colleagues, several of whom were very excited to have me back on deck.

There's more work than I can poke a stick at and I'm feeling quite keen to sink my teeth into it. The days are going to disappear quite quickly - although not as quickly as when I was at home with Romily.

She had a great day with Carl today, and, apart from a little moping at the top of the stairs after I left this morning, was very happy all day. She even had a 2 1/4 hour sleep - she never did that for me! So, I think she will cope just fine.

I am back in the office tomorrow, and then have Thursday and Friday at home to prepare for Romy's party on Saturday. I'm looking forward to Carl and I toasting the new love of our lives. And helping her to open lots of pressies!


Judy said...

Oh I am so happy that your first day back was a good one!! I am still figureing out bloglines but I think it's missing updates from some blogs...yours being one of them! It dawned on me this morngin that you had gone back to work and I hadn't read about it!

Must get that clitch fixed!

Happy first to Romily! Should be a great party!

anne bebbington said...

I knew you'd survive - we supermums always do (and I include all mums out there in this) no doubt your time at home with Romily will be all the more precious and you'll get to feel valued at work in your own right too

Happy birthday to her too

Finn said...

Hi Lily, so happy to hear it went well for you and for them at home..*VBS*
The time together will form a special bond between your husband and your daughter. One that money can't buy, for sure.
So glad it is all working out. And a big congratulations to all 3 of you...early happy birthday wishes to Romey..Hugs, Finn

Heather B said...

Glad to know it went well!

This is a little off subject ... but how does one get added to your "Blogs I Read Everyday" list? ;)