Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Census Night

Tonight, all across Australia, 20 million or so people are ticking boxes and answering questions. Yes, it's Australia's five-yearly stocktake. Who are we? Where do we live? Where do we work? What is our religion? How many bedrooms in our house? I find it quite fascinating what questions are asked. However, what's more revealing are those questions that are not asked. They also tell us a lot about Australia.

For the first time, census respondents had the option of completing the survey online. We chose this option and it was quite easy - not faster - but well done. And it saves the collectors a trip!

Romily was counted in her first census. Awwww!

What a brave little munchkin she is. Carl took her to the doctor's today for her 12-month vaccinations. She had three jabs - one in her left arm and one in each leg. Carl says she was a real little trooper - no tears on the first one (horrible measles jab) and only brief tears for needles two and three. She was happy as a clam by the time she was dressed. She had her daddy to protect her! That, and the prophylactic dose of Panadol! (a brand of paracetamol)

I worked Monday and today, and all is still going well. It's funny how a lot can change in a year but nothing much really changes at all! I honestly feel like I haven't been away. Sad but true. But then I come home to Carl and Romily and work just fades away for another day. I have tomorrow off work and I'm taking Romy to playgroup and then Gymbaroo in the afternoon. A busy day, but a day with my gorgeous, funny daughter.


Judy said...

I'm guessing that's the same as Baby Tylenol. I can't remember the last census for us...cool!

Tina said...

I'm glad you are doing well with work, I know what you mean about how it never changes but then it does. Have fun today with that beautiful little one..

Finn said...

So happy to hear that the job is going so well. I'm sure you will have an absolutely super time with the gorgeous Romily on your playground day..*VBS*