Sunday, May 06, 2012

A boy needs a book bag

I made a book bag for Romily when she started pre-school and it's been great - I made it oversize so it would accommodate all kinds of large format picture books and the bag hasn't yet met a book it couldn't fit.
Tristan starts preschool (kindergarten) next year and so I decided the time was right to make one for him too. Things are always so much easier the second time around, aren't they? Especially when your clever husband helps you work out that it's right sides together when you're making a bag with lining. When you turn the bag and its lining inside out after stitching them together they're the right way around the first time!
(Note this bag has the same button as Romily's!)
If you knew how many times I had to redo Romily's version, you would know this is a breakthrough. Of course, all you clever sewers out there knew this already, but I am a bit hopeless when it comes to space/logic/maths ;)
So, back to the bag. I ordered some cute 2D Zoo and matching green fabric from Jody at Fabric Shoppe, which arrived super-speedily (as always) and went at it on Saturday evening while the kids were in the bath (in the adjacent room). I finished it off after I put them to bed. Time spent all up: 1 hour. I even remembered to sew in one of my 'Handmade by Cascade Lily' tags!


Fitzy said...

Besides the super-adorable book bag, you must be joking. Tristan won't need a book bag for about 4 more years...right? He simply CAN'T be a little man already??

Time sure flies!

AJ said...

Same material as Aden's nappy bag! I love it!