Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cute pram quilt finished

A friend from work had a baby girl in May - another friend had already made a gorgeous play quilt, so I decided to make a little pram quilt! I am super happy with this tiny little quilt :) Measuring 20 x 30", it'll be a perfect fit for keeping a newborn nice and snuggly on the freezing days we're having in Canberra.
I love the innovation (not mine, but a great idea, nonetheless - Milly makes them this way too) of a 'foot muff' for the bubba's feet - click to enlarge the above image - you can see the line of the foot muff/pocket along where the label is stitched). It'll not only keep her a tiny bit warmer, but should stop the quilt from riding up and covering her face.

This tiny quilt didn't really need the full label treatment, so I stitched one of my labels to the muff and voila!

And look at these gorgeous lillies! From my father-in-law to help celebrate my non-birthday this week. Carl, the kids and I have all suffered through gastro on top of a head/chest cold, so it was really a non-event this year!


AJ said...

aahhhh!!! So that is what you ment!! I couldn't work out the 'foot muff' thing when you were talking about it earlier...good idea!!

Helen said...

Looks lovely Lily, great job!

Kelly said...

Aww so sweet! Love the foot muff idea!
Happy Birthday! Sorry you didn't get to enjoy it though, hope everyone is better.

Joyce said...

The foot muff is such a great idea! Very cute quilt.

Bec Clarke said...

That is soooo pretty, soft and pink. Well done, I may have to try a foot muff one day.

nicolette said...

Happy Birthday Lily. Sorry to hear it was a non-one this year. I hope everyone is feeling better by now!

The pram quilt is very sweet and beautiful!

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday!

The pram quilt is so cute and will be perfect for chilly days out and about.