Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glacial crafting

Or, crafting at the speed of a glacier. Pffft work is seriously cramping my creativity! I am just so tired after each work day that the thought of dragging my machine up onto the table and having to go through my stash is just too much.

Anway, nothing like a deadline to get me moving - yet another birthday party today saw me make another cute skirt with matching applique top.

From the birthday girl (5): 'Oh I just love it!'

Another very happy 'customer'. I think maybe I should make up four or five sets to have in reserve for the undoubted birthday parties Romily will be invited to this year!

Another drag on my crafting time is starting on Monday - classes resume for uni. I thought I had finished formal classes, with the next two years to be devoted to a research paper, but sadly, I was wrong! I have to do one more unit: 'Introduction to research methods'. Urgh! Ah well, it will help with defining my question, researching the problem and writing the paper (when I get to it in about 18 months time!).

No rest for the wicked, I suppose!


Austy's Mum said...

I totally get that feeling Lily - my sewing machine is starting to collect dust since I returned to work. It's so much harder with two, and one of them still wanting to bf for an hour after I put the other one to bed.

Great job on the birthday gift and wonderful that the birthday girl appreciates the effort of handmade.

Joyce said...

Very cute. I used to make appliqued polar fleece jackets for birthday gifts until my girls suddenly started getting invited to EVERYONE'S party. Be careful. Lol.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Perfect birthday gift! Hope your return to study goes smoothly and you still manage to find time for your crafty pursuits.

Helen said...

A lovely gift Lily! Sweet fabric, well worth dragging the machine out. :)

anne bebbington said...

You're so right Lily - if you get a little block of time to use for a production time, do it - girls get invited to more 5th and 6th birthday parties than the rest of their lives put together - we used to have a book wholesalers not too far from us when mine were small and they always held an annual sale - I had a big box of suitable books I could dip into that had probably cost a 5th of the shop prices - that box took a real bashing that couple of years when they were small - not as nice as your lovely tee and skirt sets but not breaking the budget either

nicolette said...

It amazes me you find time at all to make such beautiful clothes for your little girl! Work, family, house... phew!

Natalie said...

This set is just adorable! I love the fabrics and the applique for the top looks fantastic.