Thursday, October 22, 2009

EBDQS3 swap quilt sneak peek

Now that it's made its way safely to Western Australia, I can post a sneak peek of the quilt I've made for the EBDQS3. I couldn't post it before, because I thought the colours would be a dead giveaway. But, as Helen now knows who it's from, I think it's okay to show you a tiny bit of the front and a shot of the back.The big reveal is on 7 November, so stay tuned. Mine hasn't arrived yet and I'm busting a gut to know who's making mine!


becanne said...

Wow- there is a serious amount of quilting on that. The peak of the colours looks great. Don't think I could wait two whole weeks to open it!

Helen said...

Said in an evil old lady laugh "Its mine, all mine!!!!!"

Victoria said...

The sneak peak of the front has me intrigued! Looks wonderful from what I can see!