Saturday, August 01, 2009

Stars in her eyes

In addition to starting new dance classes, Romily has also started going to a six-hour session at playschool on Fridays. As they're there for so long, the kids have a 'rest time' after lunch. They have to take a little cushion along to lay their heads on while they're having a rest. While we almost certainly had something suitable here, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to procrastinate from, I mean do something crafty, so I dipped into my stash and whipped up a cute little patchwork cushion for her.One side is red and the other aqua. Each side is pieced, with appliqued and reverse appliqued stars in each quarter. (Click any of the images for a closer look) I blanket stitched around the reverse appliqued stars with two strands of embroidery floss. Upon closer inspection, it turns out I should have also stitched around the other stars, as my raw edge straight stitching wasn't. Straight, that is. So I had better do a bit more blanket stitching before next Friday!

Do you think she likes it?
The next project is a set of party bags for Romily's birthday party next Saturday. The lucky girl will have two cakes this year, as her actual birthday is on Wednesday. She's stoked!


Tristan continues to be as cute as a button. Look what he started doing! This is with no prompting from me. He has been watching Romily 'play telephones' and decided that he can do it too. How cute are they at this age? So funny, adorable and they don't talk back and give you attitude. My mum is right, nine to eighteen months is just a fabulous age :)


Gillian said...

I agree with your mum!

Joyce said...

They just keep getting cuter. Kids and crafts. Lol.

nicolette said...

The star cushion is adorable!!
Enjoy those two young rascals!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great cushion design - love its reversible sides!

Cathy said...

gorgeous cushions - love the colours. Your little Tristan is quite the little boy now. How cute is that photo!