Friday, January 23, 2009


We've been having some wild and woolly weather here lately! Hot, hot days followed by electrical storms at night. We had a short but frenetic storm last night that left several of Canberra's northern suburbs without power overnight. Fortunately we were unaffected, although I did have to put a towel down at the base of our front door to stop the water blowing in!
We had quite a hail storm here on Wednesday. It was so loud! I managed to snap a few photos - including one showing the size of the hailstones.
Oh, and Tristan's second tooth is through!


Leah said...

wow - we never got hail. I tried to photograph the weird green light during last night's storm, but couldn't do it.

Clare said...

You want storms! Come to France! Seems to me the weather decides to throw a wobbly every 10 years!