Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Baby love

And another little outfit I made has been received by Gabrielle for her new son Owen. He is a very chubba bubba (check out the cheeks), so the clothes actually fit him now, although they're sized 3-6 months! Well, the pants are still a bit long, but I'm amazed that the onesie fits! The fabric is Kokka Robots, bought from Quilt Fabric Delights some time ago. Just perfect for a baby boy! I think Tristan might have a pair of similar pants in his future!

On the quilty front, I'm working out a design for a table runner for my FIL for Christmas. Embarrassingly, he has had on his table ALL YEAR the Christmas-themed one I made for him last year. Therefore it was easy to work out what I should make for him this year! I'm using orange, brown and chocolate fabrics. They're gorgeous fabrics (will post a photo soon), so I am thinking of keeping it very simple and doing a strippy table runner with some stipple quilting to show off the fabric. We'll see. Might chuck a couple of stars in there too!


Karen said...

What a lovely compliment that your FIL kept the runner on all year Lily.
Love the robot outfit.

Kylie said...

The outfit is lovely and what a gorgeous little man to wear it - I could just squeeze his cheeks!

Good luck with the table runner for your FIL and I agree with Karen what a lovely complement!

Sandy said...

You're a wiz, Lily! I love the outfits you've made. Good ideas for the table runner, too.