Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Robot

After some postal issues, Joy finally received my parcel containing the quilt I made for her gorgeous nearly-three-year-old boy Austy, so I can now safely blog I Robot (16" x 16"). Joy said Austy loved it. Stand by for some cute pictures of Austy on Joy's blog!

I think this is my best effort yet. I designed the robot myself and foundation pieced him in three parts from a mix of Denyse Schmidt (Flea Market Fancy range) and Michael Miller fabrics. The dark solid is actually a chocolate brown, which looks fabulous with the blues.
I also embroidered a couple of details and used some odd buttons to create a googly eye effect.
I also like how the QSTs combined with the HSTs for the border, as well as the 'popping' effect the triangle quilting gives the spotty fabric.
I even got carried away and designed my own label - it matches my new 'Cascade Lily' postcards I ordered from Vistaprint.

I am thinking I might try the block and border arrangement again for a future single bed quilt for Tristan...add that to my ever-lengthening list of 'to-do' projects!

A big thanks to Helen and AJ for organising the swap...and twisting my arm to join in!

We had a great time this afternoon at Cirque du Soleil. Romily flipped out slightly at the beginning (shrieking 'I want to go home' over and over for the first 10 minutes) because it really is an assault on your senses, but then she calmed down, and, by the end, was enthralled. Tristan almost made it to the end without squirming, but could not sleep. He was totally done in by the time we left and he is now tucked up in bed. I will have to wake him for his 10.30 feed and then wrap him up snugly for a good night's sleep. I am not far off bed myself...


nicolette said...

Your I Robot quilt is fabulous! Love the fabric, it’s somewhere in my stash... and oh yeah, those never-ending lists of future projects. I can relate to those!

Sandi’s quilt is lovely.

Love and hugs for those two gorgeous rascals!!

Emma said...

Wow, great quilt with beautiful quilting! And well done on designing the robot yourself! Love the backing fabric, too! No wonder Austy is a happy boy!

Sandy said...

Cute robot! I love him. The fabrics are gorgeous! Perfect for the robot. Well done.

Austy's Mum said...

Thanks again Lily - and I promise to get those piccies up on my blog later today. It has been a super busy weekend!

From your sneak peaks I was sure it was going to be a monkey, but was even more delighted to see the little robot in the centre - he is just soooo cute and pictures can't do him justice. Your piecing is just so clever, and the colours are my favouries so I love it just as much as Austy does.

I love your cards too and thought perhaps they came from Vista Print. I must get onto taking advantage of their "free" offers again and make some myself - it all looked so very professional with the cards and label matching.

Special thanks to Helen for giving my name to yo to sew for! I feel very lucky indeed.

Natalie said...

This is just adorable! What a fantastic idea, Austy is such a lucky little boy.

Kylie said...

Another gorgeous quilt! Lucky Austy!

tigerfilly said...

Aw how clever is that robot. I think he is gorgeous and the colours you have used look fantastic!

Karen said...

This is gorgeous Lily - great that he has been so well received too.
You might have to get the machine out and make another one for Tristan.

Clare said...

Fabulous Lily. Really fabulous.

I can remeber my first visit to a circus. I screamed the place down when the clowns came on and had to be taken out!

Duyvken said...

fantastic Lily, another beautiful quilt. Your free-piecing is wonderful, I love how you embroidered the ears.

scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

Wow - I really love it! I Robot is such a lovely idea for a quilt. And you've made him so cute. xxx kate