Monday, April 07, 2008

Easy appliques a big hit

Howdy! Hope you all had or are having (for those of you in the North) good weekends. Ours was lovely. Got a bit of stuff done around the house in preparation for moving beds/cots around for our impending arrival (four months and counting) and got a bit of sewing done.

Pieced the piano keys for my swap quilt, although they're not attached yet, and put on the inner purple border. Will get the borders on and quilted this week and hopefully bind it over next weekend.
Once I was too tired to concentrate on that, I decided to applique some little tops I bought cheaply for Romily. For the elephant I just used a Clip Art image - perfect!Romily was in awe when she saw them! So much so, that instead of having her daytime nap we found her dressed in this outfit:
We never put her in that much pink - but she obviously likes it! Do you like the belt? I thought that was an especially nice touch. She is completely colour coordinated...a little 'Gold Coast' for my taste, but each to their own! Check out the size of the flavoured milk! She drank it in three sittings over one day...little wonder she wouldn't eat her dinner!

I also started to make a really easy stretch funnel dress for myself last night. First piece of clothing I've made for myself in nearly 20 years! I hope I don't mess it up!


Hedgehog said...

Love the little applique shirts! Good luck with the dress, too!

Gabrielle said...

Beautiful appliques - and how lovely that Romily was so thrilled with them - nothing like a bit of appreciation to make it all worthwhile! The dress sounds interesting - with your amazing sewing skills I'm sure it will be a snap.

anne bebbington said...

I think all little girls go through a PINK stage at some point or other - at least she's doing it in style - move over Barbie, here comes Romily!!!

Little Munchkins said...

Cute appliques! No wonder Romily loves them. A little fashionista in the making I reckon.

Clare said...

Are you ready for this? Romy's going through a pink stage. Not just any pink, but Barbie pink. Alexandra is now into bubble gum pink. What goes around comes around!

The tops are so sweet. What is that in the background. The colours are fantastic.

Tell Romy from me to keep on drinking that milk. I cant believe you're over 5 months! Where has the time gone?

Joyce said...

I love it when they start to chose their own clothes. My girls wanted to be color co-ordinated and the boys hated to be in matching outfits. Romily is obviously a matcher.
Cute idea to add appliques to the shirts. Takes them from ordinary to special.