Sunday, December 10, 2006

Who do you think she looks like?


Or daddy?

Just kidding. I find it fascinating how so many little girls look nothing at all like their mothers, and very much like their fathers...but in a good way!


Sandra said...

My eldest daughter is like her dad too - nothing like me whatsoever! The other two girls are more like me which is nice. Romily looks like a Daddy's girl to me :-)

Uncle Bill said...

I happen to know a girl that looked remarkably like her Father as a girl, but is maturing to be more like her Mother.... any guesses who my big sis? heheh

Great photo's too!

Judy said...

Sorry Mommy, but Carl has this one beat hands down! She and Daddy are a perfect match!

I agree that she just may look more like you as she gets older!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Definately Daddy's Girl

Peg said...

Sorry but she's definately a Daddy's girl and what a gorgeous munchkin she is....may she bring you as much happiness as my daughter and my grandaughters bring me :O))