Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Four-patches stitched

Slowly but surely I'm getting there. Wherever 'there' may be!

The quilt top is shaping up nicely - I have stitched all the four-patches and feature blocks together. I really like the colour combination. I have bought some yellow homespun for the border (same as the yellow squares), which I hope will help tone down the 'blueness' and bring out the yellow and green a bit more. I've also bought some hot pink homespun for the binding, which I think will bring it all together.

Must get some time this week/weekend to try to get the whole thing assembled, if not finished! Nothing like being ambitious is there? Posted by Picasa


Clare said...

I love it! Those colours are gorgeous.

Sandra said...

Baby quilts are so much fun to do - the colours are great :-)

anne bebbington said...

Your border and binding ideas sound like they'll set the whole thing off a treat