Friday, December 09, 2005

Feeding time at the Romily zoo

There’s a huge debate about feeding babies. If it’s not breastfeeding versus formula, it’s an argument about when solid foods should be introduced. It’s quite ironic that there called ‘solids’, as they’re anything but!

Fortunately for Romily and for me, breastfeeding worked out. We had a rocky start – thank goodness we had some very wonderful midwives who spent hours with us in hospital making sure both Romily and I knew what we were doing. After four days, we finally ‘got it’.

Fast forward four months and breastfeeding is still going really well. Romily knows what she’s doing and so do I. Lots of people give us advice on positioning, etc, but we’re comfortable and that’s all that matters (everyone’s an expert on breastfeeding!).

Romily is so comfortable, in fact, that she breaks off her feeding quite often to look up at me and smile. Then she buries her head back into my breast and drinks some more, before breaking off again to smile at me. It is just so cute that I can’t help but laugh, which makes her do it all the more.

We have a lovely relationship and I’m sure breastfeeding helps cement that bond. I feel very sorry for those women and their babies who want to breastfeed, but can’t. Of course, formula fed babies do very well, but I can’t help thinking they’re missing out on something special.

As for solids, some people start their babies on solid food at 3 or 4 months. World Health Organisation recommendations are to start at the 6-month mark. Romily still seems to be very happy with just breast milk at this stage, so we won’t be rushing to introduce solids.

Breastfeeding exclusively seems to suit us both – Romily has put on nearly 3 kilograms since her birth. We’re doing something right.

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