Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How beautiful it is

How beautiful is it when babies discover their hands? Romily has found out that the things on the end of her arms are useful! She can pick things up (eventually) and now sucks on one, two or all of her fingers at once. She turns her hand over to suck on her pinky and looks very impressed with herself.

The down side of this new discovery, however, is that Romily has also learnt to pinch. Usually my boobs when she’s feeding! Yee-ow it hurts. I pull her hand away but she always puts it back and grabs a handful of skin and twists. She also does this with my clothes, but hasn’t worked out it hurts me when she does it to my boobs. And she doesn’t understand the word ‘no’ at nearly four months old!

It’s lovely to watch Romily playing with her clothes, bunny rug, teddy and reaching up to grab the dangly toys on her play mat. She’s getting bigger and doing more every day and I think she’s so clever! And I tell her all the time. She’s my clever smiley girl.

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